Professor Crawford teaching students how to use a surveying instrument

Wesley G. Crawford received his education from Penn State and Purdue University, where he majored in surveying and mapping. He is presently a Professor in Purdue’s Polytechnic Institute in Construction Management Technology at Purdue University where he has been on staff since 1980. Professor Crawford remains current in construction surveying methods by taking advantage of sabbatical and summer internships in the construction industry. He has worked on major projects in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Missouri, Texas and other states. His scholarly interests involve teaching and writing on construction surveying and layout and field engineering methods. Professor Crawford has written a highly accepted textbook entitled Construction Surveying and Layout now in its 15th printing with more than 37,000 copies sold worldwide. This book, with over 1,400 clear and detailed illustrations, covers over 840 pages of text.  Wesley Crawford has received various awards for excellence in teaching, including the first ever National Outstanding Educator award from the Associated Schools of Construction. He has served in various leadership roles in national construction education organizations including President of both the Associated Schools of Construction and Sigma Lambda Chi, the National Construction Honor Society, and is on the board of the Association of College Honor Societies.  He is a Registered Land Surveyor in Pennsylvania. Among his many professional achievements, he feels this and other textbooks are his greatest contribution to present and future students as well as professionals in the surveying and construction industry.